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SnkMeme: D e a t h s
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Moshi Kono Kabe No Naka Ga Ikken No Ie Datoshitara
Linked Horizon
Jiyuu e no Shingeki - Single
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"Moshi Kono Kabe No Naka Ga Ikken No Ie Datoshitara"

By Linked Horizon

This is the third single on Linked Horizon’s album used for SNK, and I don’t know why it’s not more popular because I think it’s very soothing and nice to listen to. Its meaning is also kinda eerie cuz it puts a big theme of the show (freedom and the question of whether its worth fighting for) into such simple words, as though it were being asked of a child.

Lyrics here


if the world inside these walls were a single house,

Would you dare touch the door that leads outside?

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❀aleksandr marchant

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 asked   :rapture or columbia?
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It was their sacrifice that brought its power back.

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The boy with a brilliant mind 

Dedicated to PumpkinHime

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Come on, let's go home

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