The longer and more carefully we look at a funny storythe sadder it becomes.

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look at this beautiful dork [x]


Sarcasm w// Seamus - CS:GO Case Openings 


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Welcome to the creature family, Mishka
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All I have is Henry, and I am not about to lose him because he is everything.

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How Heavy Rain Should Have Ended

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Hey I kinda don't understand something , why are yo u still a creature? You haven't been on a single video since the ice skates one and I have no idea how long ago was the one before,I'm not trying to offend but I genuinely don't understand.


I don’t understand why so many people care whether or not I’m a Creature. I mean I could leave right now and it wouldn’t change anything. Most of the fanbase already sees The Creatures as the 7 who live in Colorado (including Dex + Kevin) as the core group and then there’s me and Sp00n. And that’s technically how it is anyways. If you want to look at the start of The Creatures being when the LLC was formed and when everyone moved to Colorado, technically I’m not formally a Creature and I never have been. I never moved out to Colorado and took the responsibilities the others had. I’ve never received income from them either. For me, it’s always been sort of a relationship where the job is always open because I’m an original founder, but I’ve never taken it because I have other priorities. That’s what a lot of people don’t realize because there’s always so many new people coming in. I never joined The Creatures, got some fancy induction, and randomly decided to stop doing my job. The Creatures began with Creature Talk which was a podcast I created along with Kootra, Sp00n, Chilled, Junk, and Stevie Why to talk about our various machinima projects and have general skype call shenanigans. I just kinda fell into it… and when things started getting serious, I couldn’t quite be serious yet. And I still can’t be serious. Whether or not I ever will be for them remains a mystery. Right now, I have to do what I currently can do and that’s building my own channel. That is my priority. That and school.

I’ve been on the verge of leaving because we simply have conflicting ways of working. But what’s the point? Yeah we’re pretty distant these days, but I’m trying to work on recording with Koots again and juggling his busy schedule. If it’s not hurting anyone, everyone’s cool with it and we all know our place, there really isn’t much of a point unless it really bugs people that I’m in their video descriptions (which they’re more than welcome to remove me from). It’ll just cause an unneeded shitstorm on the internet and a bunch of people coming up with these crazy theories about why I really left. The Creatures have always been a “perceived” group anyways. The Creatures started being called “The Creatures” when the fans started calling us them because we played a lot together. Then there were official members. Then people started considering Kevin a creature. People still consider Sly a creature even though he’s gone. Then there’s the Ex-Creatures. Group us up however you want to. Call me a creature, don’t call me a creature, I don’t really care. It’s just a name. You can call me Ze if you’d like.


"I’m not alone. I have a lot of people that love me."

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dear cas